Our Strengths
The company makes value addition to its customers through machining the products, surface coating and facilities such as broaching, hobbing, gear shavers, gas carburising, hardening and tempering, internal and external grinding, sharpening and inspection of cutting tools, CNC turning center and CNC machining center. To stand apart from competition, the company provides finished, surface-coated products and unparalleled value added services to its esteemed customers. Painting, hot dip galvanizing and plating (chrome/zinc) are the different processes in surface coating. The company is pledged to honor its commitment – A Pan-Indian service network to support the customer base, and when great products are backed-up by
100% is not enough

Our Strengths

1.  Highest customer satisfaction
2.  Economy of products
3.  Absolute reliability
3.  Highly-qualified and motivated personnel
3.  No tolerance of errors
3.  Continuous optimisation of all processes
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